Appy Couple Review

User-friendly and packed with features, Appy Couple takes your wedding from drab disaster to digital delight.
By Milo Cruz | Last Updated: March 16, 2020
Appy Couple

Appy Couple is the digital multi-tool for modern wedding planning. It comes with features that enhance every stage of your event – from invite and RSVP management to guest logistics to coordination, and even additions to your wedding program and post-event keepsakes.

Bridezilla jokes aside, anyone dealing with the stress of arranging such an important milestone will appreciate how simple it is to use Appy Couple’s ready-made themes and modules. Layouts and modules are fully customizable, but the themes might not be as open to tweaking as you’d like. If you want to change more than just the colors, you’ll have to get a separate quote. However, Appy Couple’s impressive toolset and one-off pricing are more than enough to outweigh that drawback. At the very least, we highly recommend visiting their site to see some of their beautiful designs!


  • Appy Couple only charges a one-time fee for unlimited access to your website, no time limits.
  • From guest logistics and multimedia integration to photo streaming and dedicated apps for guests, there’s a module for every need you can think of.
  • You’ll get an extensive gallery of 500+ pre-made themes, including some from top names like Carolina Herrera.
  • Appy Couple works great even if you aren’t tech-savvy.


  • You’ll need to get custom pricing if you want to customize your chosen design or use a bespoke theme.

About the Company

Appy Couple got its start in 2012 as a startup with a promising beta product. It promptly made waves by racking up $1.2 million in a seed round, and since then, the company has made its mark as a leader in the field of modern wedding tools.


Appy Couple offers two packages for you to choose from, each with one-time payments and the promise of a beautiful, feature-packed website that you can keep as long as you like.

You’ve got two plans to choose from here:

Each Appy Couple plan gives you premium value for your money. Both grant full access to Appy Couple’s jampacked stable of features and modules, plus ready hosting for your website that you can keep for an unlimited amount of time.

You’ll get not just a website but custom apps for your guests’ use, your own administrator app for managing your website on the go, and tons of options for customizing all three.

The great thing is that Appy Couple doesn’t put a cap on how many guests or contacts you can add. You can have as grand or as intimate a wedding as you like, and Appy Couple will charge you the same price either way.

The Luxury Difference

So what justifies the Luxury plan’s $50 markup? Simple: access to limited-edition themes and designs from top lifestyle brands like Ceci New York and Carolina Herrera. This is a great option if you want to bring a different level of elegance to your wedding arrangements without blowing your budget.

Optional Add-ons

Appy Couple-created sites are hosted as subdomains of the main Appy Couple website, so you’ll get URLs like “” You can use a separate, personalized domain like “” instead, but you’ll have to pay an additional fee. Domain registration is processed from within your Appy Couple account, so you won’t need to scout for a separate domain registrar.

If you’re password-protecting your wedding site (or any of its various subsections), you can also use a custom code for a fee. These codes are entirely unique, and if you get a Luxury plan, you’ll get to use one for free.

Here’s what you need for each add-on:

  • Custom domain: $19.99 on average
  • Custom wedding code: $15 one-time fee
  • Custom theme/design: Request for quote

Getting Started

Appy Couple has a convenient three-step process for getting your website and account up and running.

  1. Pick your theme/design from Appy Couple’s gallery. Previews for websites and apps are available! (You can tweak colors and fonts, or even switch to an entirely different design, at any time.)
  2. Input account details like event name and date, your contact details, and so on. (Like the design, these are available for editing any time.)
  3. Activate your account by paying via credit card.

Appy Couple’s quick registration process lets you delve quickly into the business of building your website — perfect if you need those planning tools, stat.


Appy Couple has a module for almost every aspect of your event you care to plan, from invitations to guests’ accommodations and even keepsakes for after the wedding.

Covering the Basics

As many bells and whistles as Appy Couple might pack, it doesn’t lose sight of the main features you’d expect from any wedding planning tool: invites and guest response management, design, and privacy.

Invite and RSVP Management

Most online tools focus on this aspect of wedding planning, and for good reason. Consolidating a guest list, gathering addresses, sending out invites, and managing responses can quickly turn into a nightmare, so any tool worth its price should have a robust system that simplifies the whole process. With Appy Couple, you’ll have a host of features that will do just that.

The RSVP manager, for example, helps you set up different forms for various events. Forms can be customized to solicit details ranging from allowed number of invitees to each guest’s menu options and music requests, and Appy Couple will have all those little details collected in one place for your convenience. The guest list manager comes with similar customization features for grouping family or friends, allotting +1s, and so on.

Not ready to go entirely digital with your invites? Appy Couple also gives you features like the address collector, which streamlines the process of getting addresses from guests. The list is easily exported and printed, so you won’t even have much trouble coordinating the whole invitation sending process.


Weddings are momentous occasions to share with others, and all aspects of your planning and paraphernalia should convey just the message and impression that you intend. Luckily, Appy Couple gives you tons of options to ensure seamless coordination of designs across everything from invites, save-the-dates and follow-ups, thank-you notes, and everything else.

Aside from the beautiful themes available, you’ll also have the option to give guests a personalized app that can serve as a handy resource for any and all details about your upcoming wedding. Any emails and other communication you send out from Appy Couple can also be styled using your chosen theme or stationery so that the visual design stays consistent throughout.

Of course, themes won’t always conform exactly to the vision you have in your head. That’s when you’ll need to make full use of Appy Couple’s color, font, and layout editing capabilities. You can create different sections for your website, change everything from titles to navigation, all without needing to crank out code. If you want a completely unique design, though, you’ll need to contact Appy Couple directly for a quote.


Your wedding might have you wanting to shout your joy from the rooftops, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want all the details available to any stranger who happens to find your website. Appy Couple keeps that in mind and gives you detailed privacy controls and options, so you’re fully in charge of who gets access to what information.

Different events (e.g., pre-wedding family lunch, bridal shower, etc.) can be made visible to individual guests or whole groups as needed. You can implement similar permission controls over the website, itinerary, and related photos/media as well, using either a custom password or identity verification through your guest list.

A Wealth of Extras

Appy Couple doesn’t just stop at the basics, of course. There are tons of options here that make good use of technology to centralize the many different tasks you’ll often have to deal with over the course of pulling off a picture-perfect wedding.

Travel Concierge

Don’t have the time to arrange a curated menu of accommodation providers, transportation options, and so on? Use Appy Couple’s sizable list of partners to your advantage. By deploying custom widgets from the company’s available modules, you can link guests up with shuttle bus services, point them to great hotel deals, and more.

Multimedia Management

Photos and videos help you save the memory of your special day, and thanks to Appy Couple’s photo sharing and streaming options, your guests can pitch in, too. You can create a downloadable photo gallery that guests can also add to, so long as you’ve granted them access rights. The streaming module can even collate photos taken by guests in real-time — perfect for dynamic displays at the ceremony or reception.


You can make things easier for yourself and your guests by preparing a list of registries so guests can simply gift items from curated lists. There are also multiple tools available for cash gifts, saving you and your guests the trouble of keeping track or picking out gifts.

Ease of Use

Appy Couple uses drag-and-drop interfaces, live previews, and more to ensure a smooth building experience for beginners and tech-savvy users alike.

All of Appy Couple’s features are accessed through an intuitive, point-and-click interface that you can grasp in no time. As for tweaking various options, your controls will range from dropdown menus to drag-and-drop interfaces, all of which simplify the customization process. Live previews of layout changes will give you an idea of how your choices will look on the final website, too.

Another great thing about Appy Couple? It gives you a central system from which to manage so many aspects of your wedding preparations. Instead of hopping from an invite manager to a website builder to an online guestbook, you’ll have all the tools you need in one place. That alone is already a great benefit you shouldn’t pass up. Add in the full-featured mobile app that lets you take all those tools with you wherever you go, and you’ve got a powerful and flexible tool at your fingertips.

Hosting and Domains

Appy Couple hosts your website as a subdomain by default, but you can get custom domains for a fair price.

Appy Couple provides hosting for your website, but only as a subdomain of the company’s main site. As mentioned above, though, you can pay a minimal fee to register a custom domain through Appy Couple.

Customer Support

Appy Couple offers responsive customer support that’s available 24/7, though the lack of real-time options could prove restrictive.

Appy Couple boasts of 24/7 customer support availability, but you can only reach their support staff through email. That’s fine, but for those moments of crisis when you need prompt, real-time responses, live chat or phone support could have come in handy, too.

Aside from the dedicated support staff, Appy Couple also provides a comprehensive FAQ section packed with solutions for common issues and questions. You’ll find a lot of help here if you want to troubleshoot any site problems yourself.


You’ve got two major alternatives when it comes to wedding management tools: Say I Do and Joy.

Why Pick Appy Couple?

Of the three, Appy Couple comes with the most features, so it has the means to help you out on more aspects of your wedding planning. Appy Couple’s partnerships can help you and your guests score great deals for related services like accommodation and transportation, too.

That’s more functionality than you’ll get from Say I Do, which is more focused on guest list and RSVP management.

Meanwhile, Appy Couple edges Joy out when it comes to overall range of features, partnerships and integrations, and deluxe offerings. Joy also doesn’t offer domain registration directly from your account, so you’ll have to manually register your custom domain with a registrar and set it up for forwarding on your With Joy account.

Why Pick Say I Do or Joy?

As versatile as Appy Couple is, the competition also has some great features. First up: price. Both Say I Do and Joy are completely free, though there are plans to implement paid packages that come with premium features. For now, though, they beat out Appy Couple in the money department.

Say I Do is great if you want a lightweight, straightforward guest management solution. Appy Couple can feel a bit bloated if you don’t really intend to use all the features it has, and considering the difference in price, Say I Do is definitely the lighter choice.

Joy offers many of the same core functions as Appy Couple, with the bonus of costing absolutely zero. The ability to import guest lists built in Excel or Google Spreadsheets is great if you’re working with a pre-existing list. If your guests are particularly gregarious, they’ll probably love the social network-esque feel of With Joy’s interactive guest list, too. Appy Couple has more sophisticated customization options and a richer pool of handy partnerships/integrations, but if those aren’t priorities for you, Joy can be a great budget solution.

Appy Couple Review – Conclusion

Appy Couple is the Swiss Army Knife of wedding preparation, with a module or option for every task you can think of — and probably a couple that you didn’t even think of, too. More than just a robust guest list and RSVP manager, this website builder acts as a central control hub for your wedding plans. Every stage of your wedding — from preparation to the actual event itself, as well as the days after — will benefit greatly from at least one of Appy Couple’s wealth of features. With price tags topping out at below $100, it won’t break the bank either. If you want to breeze through wedding prep without sacrificing elegance and style, check out Appy Couple today!