SaleHoo Review 2024

By Milo Cruz | Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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SaleHoo is one of the leading names in drop shipping today. The company started in 2005 and now has over 137,000 members worldwide. Thanks to easy-to-use controls, and a vast selection of suppliers, SaleHoo’s one of the best drop shipping companies you can partner with. Want to know more? Read our review below.

What is SaleHoo?

If you’re looking for drop shipping products and suppliers, then SaleHoo is exactly what you need. It’s a wholesale directory – and definitely one of the best we’ve ever seen.

SaleHoo links people like you to a worldwide network of more than 6000 suppliers, with more than 25 million products to choose from. It’s got everything you need to find products for your drop shipping business.


  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee: Take advantage of the full potential of SaleHoo services risk-free with a generous amount of time to try out their service.
  • Affordable Pricing: At $67 for an annual membership, SaleHoo delivers excellent value compared to other drop shipping services.
  • Vast Network of Suppliers and Products: With over 25 million products and 6000 suppliers to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding products to fill your store. Best of all, SaleHoo screens all their suppliers so you’ll only be working with reputable ones.
  • Easy to Use Dashboard: The SaleHoo website, supplier directory, and member dashboard offer plenty of functionality all packaged with an intuitive and attractive design.
  • Publish to Any Store: You can use SaleHoo’s service to find products and push these items to any of your stores – whether on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or your own independent store.


  • Instant Support Not Always Available: Their live chat and telephone representatives are only available on weekdays between 2AM-6:30AM New Zealand time.
  • Lack of Automated Tools: SaleHoo lacks time-saving tools that make it easy to run your business.

SaleHoo Trial, 60 Days to Try

When you sign up for SaleHoo, you gain instant access to their entire directory of wholesale suppliers – that’s millions of unique products right at your fingertips. You’ll also automatically qualify for SaleHoo’s 60 day full refund policy, giving you plenty of time to try out the service without any risk. If you’ve ever wanted to take a serious shot at drop shipping, there’s really no better offer you’ll find.

SaleHoo refund policyClick here to sign up for SaleHoo and kick start your drop shipping business today.

SaleHoo Pricing and Refunds

SaleHoo comes with a $67 price tag for an annual membership. It’s one of the most affordable options on the market, and well worth it, considering the overall package. As a member, you get full access to their entire supplier directory as well as a bunch of other useful tools for your drop shipping business.

On top of that, they promise a 60 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So you can try out their service without worry.

Payment for their services is handled via ClickBank, which accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Is SaleHoo worth it?

In our opinion, yes. SaleHoo comes at terrific value considering everything you get.

SaleHoo Scams – Is SaleHoo Legit?

SaleHoo is 100% legit and free from scams.

You won’t have to worry about wasting your money here. SaleHoo represents a real investment – one that has left many customers, including, us, very pleased with their service.

The Better Business Bureau agrees – giving SaleHoo the highest possible rating of A+. That means SaleHoo ranks among the best when it comes to customer service. You can learn more about that by going to SaleHoo’s BBB profile page.

SaleHoo Directories, Products, and Stores

So what exactly comes with a SaleHoo membership? Glad you asked. Take a look below:

Access to the SaleHoo Directory

SaleHoo’s directory connects you with at least 8,000 pre-vetted suppliers – who have more than 25 million products for you to choose from – covering almost any category you can imagine.

Finding a supplier is easy thanks to handy filters that allow you to narrow down your searches to match your needs.

SaleHoo's supplier directory

When you’ve found products you want to sell, you can request the supplier for product data files and upload them to your store.

Supplier Information

SaleHoo regularly audits all of the suppliers in their directory. Other SaleHoo members can also review each one. This helps assure you that you’ll be working with only reputable suppliers.

Take note that not all suppliers listed in their directory are drop shippers. You can use SaleHoo’s search filters to show only the ones relevant to you.

SaleHoo Market Research Labs

In here, you’ll find information on market trends, competitors, and new product offerings to help you decide which items to list on your store and gain an edge over your competitors.

SaleHoo Labs' average price filter

Real market data allows you to find product niches that show great money-making potential. More specifically, you’ll be able to look at what types of products are in high demand but with low supply levels – allowing you fulfill customer needs that are not yet fully met.

SaleHoo Stores

SaleHoo also provides a supplemental service to create and host your own independent store for all your products – complete with plenty of templates and built-in marketing tools. Pricing for this comes in three packages, which are all charged monthly:

  • $27 for the basic plan: 200 store products, 200MB monthly bandwidth, 600 image storage, 1 email account
  • $47 for the standard plan: 5000 store products, 400MB monthly bandwidth, unlimited image storage, 3 email accounts
  • $97 for the premium plan: Unlimited store products, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited image storage, 20 email accounts

SaleHoo stores

Subscribing to any of the plans also gets you a free custom domain, business logo, and $100 of Google AdWords credit.

SaleHoo Online Selling Tactics

SaleHoo also offers a premium seven-lesson course where you can learn about sophisticated selling tactics to maximise profitability. The program is designed to help you gain an advantage over your competitors by adopting more advanced selling techniques.

Each lesson is composed of an educational video, a note-taking tool, full-length interviews from industry experts, and so on.

This is a standalone product that costs $247 for lifetime access – meaning you don’t have to be a SaleHoo member to receive training. It also comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, so it might be a good idea to finish the course within that timeframe.

How to Use SaleHoo, Our Experience with the Service

Overall, our experience with SaleHoo is a positive one. All the features are easy to use and are surprisingly powerful. As far as drop shipping directories go, SaleHoo sets the bar extremely high. We couldn’t be happier with the service.

Also, be sure to check out our guide on how to use SaleHoo for drop shipping to learn more.

Finding Suppliers

To find products to sell with SaleHoo, you can search their directory to connect with suppliers you want to do business with. Just type in a product or niche and SaleHoo will display a list of potential suppliers for you.

The SaleHoo directory readily provides information on each supplier and how to contact them. We’ve had no problems finding suppliers quickly.

Order Placement and Fulfillment

You can’t actually place orders from the SaleHoo website. You’ll have to place orders directly with the supplier.

Different suppliers will provide different methods of forwarding orders to them. Some may provide automated or semi-automated tools, while others will require you to manually place an order. Make sure you’re aware of each supplier’s procedures and keep the information handy to stay organized.

Delivery and Tracking

Similarly, shipping options willalso  vary between suppliers. Refer to the supplier’s information sheet or website for their shipping policies.

SaleHoo offers no built-in tool for tracking your deliveries. You can, however, ask each supplier for tracking numbers and use the appropriate service to relay this information to your customers.

Returns and Refunds

SaleHoo suppliers’ returns and refunds policies differ from each other. You have to familiarize yourself with all your suppliers’ policies and follow them. Ideally, you’d make a policy of your own – making sure that it covers all your items, regardless of supplier. We can say that in general, SaleHoo suppliers are more generous with their policies.

SaleHoo Customer Support

Contacting SaleHoo

You can reach SaleHoo customer representatives via email, telephone, live chat, and social media. Take note that telephone and live chat support are not available 24/7. Representatives are available from 2 AM to 6:30 AM New Zealand time.

You can also visit their community forums and speak with other members. In there you’ll find a very welcoming atmosphere to share ideas, strategies, and answers to most of your questions.

Member Resources

SaleHoo offers plenty of instructional material to everyone at no cost. Ranging from beginner’s manuals to a free eBook and webinar, there’s a ton of useful information to guide you through the basics of drop shipping. Anyone can access these guides and they’re a great resource for people who are new to the business model.

SaleHoo user resources

If you decide to become a SaleHoo member, you’ll get access to even more resources via SaleHoo’s Smart Seller Training Program. You’ll learn strategies on how to find the most profitable products, getting the best deals from suppliers, handling shipping logistics, and even tips on how to address customer complaints.

SaleHoo Final Thoughts

SaleHoo is definitely an attractive drop shipping company to partner with, thanks to its affordable price tag and money-back guarantee.

With their service, you can be assured that you’ll only be working with reputable suppliers. And with millions of products to choose from, you’ll no doubt find the right products for your store.

But unlike most other drop shipping companies, SaleHoo doesn’t have any selling tools built into their service. It lacks the automated features common to some of the other brands we’ve reviewed.

SaleHoo is primarily just a directory to find suppliers. But as far as directories go, it doesn’t get any better than what their service provides.

The bottom line: SaleHoo is the best resource for finding products and reputable suppliers. But if you’re looking for automated drop shipping tools, you won’t find it here. It’s best to supplement SaleHoo with other drop shipping companies we’ve reviewed.