Spocket Review 2018

By Milo Cruz | Last Updated: July 7, 2021

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What is Spocket?

Spocket is a free drop shipping app that works with Shopify and WooCommerce. It promises to make launching and running a drop shipping business easy and accessible to everyone. With thousands of products from mostly Western suppliers, it claims to provide high-quality goods with quick delivery times.

Does Spocket live up to its promises? Find out more in our review below. (For this review, we tried out Spocket on both Shopify and WooCommerce.)


  • Awesome products in terms of quantity and quality. You’ll find great products from pre-vetted suppliers at shockingly bargain prices. Spocket is home to thousands of products you won’t find just anywhere.
  • Great UI and functionality. Drop shipping doesn’t get any easier than this, to be honest. Spocket’s awesome design makes eCommerce accessible and enjoyable to all.
  • Impressive customer support. Representatives are very friendly, and respond in a way that not only answers your questions, but also gives you that extra boost to succeed. They’ll be there every step of the way to guide you to profitability.
  • Free to use. You can use Spocket to find products for your store and start selling right away, at no added cost to your business.


  • The occasional bug. In our experience, the app would lock up whenever we tried to order samples. Aside from that, however, everything ran smoothly and as it should.
  • Live support locked behind subscription. The email support is nice and all, but it’s a shame that even the live chat feature is reserved only for paying members.

Spocket Pricing and Plans

Thanks to Spocket’s free for life plan, you can use the service indefinitely at no cost. There’ll be some major limitations, but it’s still a great way of testing out the service without any commitment. You won’t even have to provide them any payment details, so there’s really no reason not to try.

Keep in mind, however, that while you won’t have to pay anything to use Spocket, the service will ONLY work with Shopify or WooCommerce stores; and those have their own separate costs to setup and maintain.

Below are Spocket’s pricng plans and their main differences:

Basic Pro Empire
Free Forever $39/month

or $348/year (20% savings)


or $948/year (20% savings)

25 Products 250 Products Unlimited Products
Access to Premium Products and Branded Invoicing Access to Premium Products and Branded Invoicing

So which plan should you get?

We recommend the Basic plan to try things out, but once you start making consistent sales, the Pro plan is excellent value for your money.

Is Spocket worth it?

Absolutely. Though $39 every month is in the mid-range when it comes to drop shipping services, the high level of quality present in Spocket’s product selection represents an excellent opportunity to make some serious profit.

Good margins, fast shipping times, and quality products – it’s a recipe for success and Spocket delivers all of those plus more.

Spocket 7 Day Free Trial

You can sign up for Spocket and enjoy all the benefits of either of the paid plans for one week at zero cost. Just provide your credit card details and billing will only start after your first seven days.
Spocket free trial

Spocket Scams – Is Spocket legit?

It would appear so. We did some digging around and based on what we’ve gathered, Spocket looks to be a legitimate company that you can trust. Here’s what we know:

  • Spocket is headquartered in 555 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8, Canada.
  • The company was founded by Saba Mohebpour in 2017. Mohebpour has a background in software development, eCommerce, and entrepreneurship.
  • Spocket’s recent growth is partly thanks to its many investors, including big companies like Mistral Venture Partners, 7 Gate Ventures, and Panache Ventures.
  • The company has been featured in news stories published by Techstars, BetaKit, and GeekWire.

If you’re wondering about the legitimacy of drop shipping in general, then you can read more about that in our drop shipping guide. But the answer is basically: Yes, drop shipping is perfectly legal and viable for long-term profitability; and it’s a business model which Spocket provides a safe and easy platform to get into.

Spocket Features

Product Directory – What products can I sell with Spocket?

Definitely one of Spocket’s strong suits, the product directory is home to thousands of high-quality products from a wide range of categories. The most popular and best-selling items are clothing, accessories, personal care products, and home products.

These aren’t your typical AliExpress goods, mind you. Over 60% of their products are from US and Europe-based suppliers, which has the bonus advantage of overall faster shipping times.

Spocket product directory catalog

As for potential profit margins? From our experience, most products from their catalog retail for at about double what they cost. That’s a lot of room to make some serious money!

Also worth noting: Spocket Premium Products are only available to paid-plan-members. These are products that have a demonstrated history of performing well in terms of sales.

Semi-Automated Order Fulfillment and Tracking

Whenever an order is made on your store, Spocket automatically syncs the information to your dashboard. All you have to do is go to the Orders section in your account and click on an order to view its details and fulfill it. Spocket will handle the rest.

If you use Shopify, you can also initiate this process from your Shopify orders page.

Global Price Rules

With Spocket’s Global Pricing Rules manager, you can make sure that your margins are always intact. Set a percentage value, a multiplier, or a fixed amount to be added on top of any products you push to your store.

Advanced pricing rules allow you to set different rules for various price ranges, and also suffix all your prices with a cent value you determine.

Built-In Shipment Tracking

All products from the Spocket catalog come with tracking numbers once they’ve been shipped out. This information is automatically loaded to your account for easy viewing.

Branded Invoicing

If you opt for any of the paid plans, you can take advantage of Branded Invoicing, which basically lets you add your own business logo (as well as contact details and a customized message) to all of your orders.

How to Use Spocket – Our Experience with the Service

For the most part, our experience using Spocket was a positive one. The UI is polished, snappy, and just overall feels great. Navigating is convenient and never daunting. If you were looking for a drop shipping company to help you ease into the business, then this is it – Spocket is exactly what you want.

Setup and Installation

Installing Spocket to your Shopify store is super straightforward. Just look for it in the Shopify App store and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

With your WooCommerce WordPress store, however, thing’s might get a bit tricky. So, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins and click Add New.
  2. Search for Spocket, install it, and make sure to activate the plugin.
  3. In your WordPress panel, go to Settings and click Spocket.
  4. Click Connect to Spocket and follow the prompts.

Finding Suppliers and Adding Products

Adding products to your store is a breeze. Browse by category, or use any of the other filters, to find the perfect products to sell on your store. Add them to your import list and publish them individually or in bulk.

Spocket finding products

Overall, the selection doesn’t disappoint. Pages scroll almost endlessly and practically almost all the products have high-quality images that could belong in any professional online store. Most of their descriptions are concise and formatted cleanly, too – which is always nice.

However, some products will probably need more attention when it comes to editing, especially if you like keeping things consistent and clean. It’s a good thing making any changes is easy, although it might get a bit tedious if you have to do it for multiple products.

Order Placement and Fulfillment

Processing orders is just as easy with Spocket. After, all it only takes a few clicks. “What about inventory levels?,” you might ask. Spocket clams to automatically monitor this, in the background, so you’ll never have to worry about things going out of stock as it’s all handled by the app.

Delivery and Tracking

Tracking information is provided once an order has been shipped. You can view these in your Orders page and provide your customers with the details so that they can monitor their own deliveries.

Shipping times vary. But in general, orders that ship to the US and Europe take about seven days. Orders to the rest of the world can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

Just don’t forget to be transparent with shipping times to your customers. It’s good to have this information clearly highlighted in your store.

Returns and Refunds

Spocket suppliers have different returns policies. Some allow 15 days for exchanges, others 30, while some don’t accept them at all. This information is readily available for every product you find on the catalog.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with all the returns policies for all your products, and create one of your own to display on your store.

Spocket Customer Support

Spocket’s customer support is something that almost all its members are raving about. And we’d have to agree. It’s one of the best we’ve seen out of all the drop shipping companies we’ve reviewed.

Member Resources

Thanks to Spocket’s wealth of educational materials, even newbies to drop shipping or eCommerce in general will find it easy to dive right into the service. Video tutorials, FAQs, and step-by-step guides make it so that anyone, regardless or their experience and background, can set up a polished, professional-looking online store.

Contacting Spocket

Chat and phone support are reserved for Pro and Empire accounts, but in our experience, all representatives go the extra mile to assist you, and are easy to get in touch with. You can contact Spocket through their email: [email protected]

Or follow them on any of their social media accounts:

  • Facebook – Community and Announcements
  • Twitter – News and Updates
  • YouTube – Video Tutorials and General Information
  • Instagram – Product Ideas and Inspiration

Spocket Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find anything wrong with Spocket. Truth be told, it seems to be doing everything right. It’s got pretty much everything you’d look for in a drop shipping company. And despite how new the service is, early signs show great potential. We’ve personally observed the service improve in great strides over the last few months.

The bottom line: With one of the best product catalogs we’ve seen so far, excellent design, and truly top-notch support, Spocket is a must-have for any serious drop shipper looking to get started or step up their game. We recommend that you use Spocket alongside other drop shipping services to complement its already impressive offering.